Monday, January 27, 2014

Target Cartwheel App

Have you heard of the Cartwheel app by Target? It's a free app that give you in store coupons directly on your phone. The coupons are updated weekly and give you discounts in every department. I've saved $22.60 {as noted in the lovely screenshot below} just by using the app! There is no paper to clip

The best part you ask? Those wonderful ColorBurst lip balms by Revlon I posted about here have a 10% coupon until February 2! So really there is no reason not to try them out! I'm going to pick up a few more colors and post a product review later this week. So hurry up and download the free app and start saving at everyone's favorite store!


  1. Great post! Had no idea about this app, I may need to download it now!

  2. I love Target! I haven't heard of this app but I need to download it ASAP!



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